The Practice

The Practice

Our Practice

 We believe that the patient physician-relationship is the most important key to achieving a better health outcome.

Our first focus is understanding our patients concerns by listening beyond their words, to help us to recognize what is unique about each patient.

The Doctor provides a whole array of different services for the patient; so we have more than just one avenue to help make them a healthier person as a whole.

We try to engage into a variety of options to build confidence, focus, and excitement for the patient and ourselves about their health and future. 

The Doctor and Staff

Derek Partlow - Medical Assistant

Derek Partlow - Medical Assistant

I found my passion to help others through my work with the special needs at a summer camp for 7 years. Since finishing school and starting my new career, I have loved working with patients to achieve their needs, wants, and goals for their health. By working here I have found myself building great relationships with our patients. I believe the more we care about your health; the harder both the Patient and our office will work to maintain and improve it. Health starts from the inside out. Every person must want to have great health, and be willing to work for it or to keep it, in order to achieve it.

The Practice

Latest Clinic News:

Flu Season is Here!!


Starting September 1st we will be calling and scheduleing appointments for you to get your Flu shot. 

Give us a call to get yours at your convinience. 

Botox and Filler have arrived!!


We are currently starting our full service of Botox and Filler injections. We are wanting our patients as well as anyone they know who may want Botox or Filler. Please do not hesitate to call and talk with Derek about getting your beautification process going! He is your go to guy for pricing and consultation. We cannot wait o hear from you!

New Location!!

March 1, 2015

We have our own office!

Since making the move to a different location we have really made our new office into our second home. Come on in and see our new office location. Comfortable seating, an at-home atmosphere and friendly conversation awaits!